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Carsu was conceived out of an inconvenient tire change. It all started with a flat tire, to get it replaced, we ended up calling the workshop 6 times and returning in person 3 times before the right tire finally arrived and the work was done on the car. We spent more time in organising the work, then the actual fitting of the tire.

Our founder had spent time in his career managing a chain of tire shops, leading an aftermarket distributor, before returning to work on technology and getting involved in several SaaS start-ups. The combination of all this experience triggered the idea for Carsu, a cloud-based software platform to support the daily management of automotive workshops and help these shops become more efficient.

After studying the market for 6 months and talking to shops in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands on how they were managing their daily business. We then started to carefully design the software, with the shop in mind. In the fall of 2023, we started building Carsu, this journey continuous until today …

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